Christmas gift for your programmer

In connection with the upcoming Christmas holiday, many employers and managers will be thinking about gifts for employees of the IT department. Apart from a raise, what would make developers happy ?

On the market, there are many stores selling gadgets for employees of various industries, including IT specialists. If the IT department consists of many employees, finding a personalized gift for each IT specialist can be quite a challenge. However, this is a nice gesture that will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the image of the company in the eyes of the employee and will show friendly relations between the employee and the management.

A little something on the desk

Stereotypical developers work either in extremely sterile spaces or in total chaos. These are personal preferences that can reduce or increase productivity and interference in that space may sometimes have a counterproductive effect. Nonetheless, it is worth taking into consideration presenting for your programmer a desk gadget that will make his job easier. And the choice is huge.

A cork cactus in a pot for pinning post-its? A set of cups for pens and pencils, provided with personal data and note that strangers are not allowed to touch them? Or maybe something more practical – who would not want to have a miniature kettle on his desk to be able to prepare coffee anytime? It is important not to clutter up the space, but to help organise it and make it more comfortable. In order to add a more homely atmosphere, you can think about buying… business slippers for employees. They do not have to be standardized, they just need to be comfortable and cute.

Choose electronics – but using your head!

When considering the purchase of electronic gadgets, remember that your developers are probably able to assess their quality at a first glance. While choosing a gift like that, check out the opinions and reviews issued by professionals. The possibilities here are considerable as well. Employees will certainly be happy to be given cable organizers that help maintain order and security of equipment, as well as USB hubs – there is always not enough USB ports. Since there are already additional ports, you can add a tea heater powered by USB or an additional loudspeaker to the gift.

You can also think about stands and non-slip mats for laptops – these are ergonomic solutions that effectively protect devices against many types of mechanical damage. They not only protect against accidental shedding of the computer from the desk, but also against its overheating, which is of key importance during long work.

A less original but still practical gift will be headphones, earphones, power bank or Bluetooth speakers.

Bet on development

Activities during the holiday season also help preventing the employee turnover. In addition to material gifts warming the image of the company, there are numerous trips and trainings raising the qualifications of specialists. Thanks to that, they are assured that the company depends on their development and adaptation to the changing market needs.

It is worth to bet on training outside the workplace – the integration of employees combined with free Christmas celebration can have a very positive effect. These trainings may regard both soft skills and technological competences, aimed at improving performance during the implementation of a specific project. However, in order to constitute a suitable Christmas gift, they must provide employees with time to relax, preferably spent in an active way. In the winter season, organizing such attractions should not be a challenge.

As far as the HR Indicators Report for the IT industry is concerned, the turnover ratio for IT specialists is higher, and there is a year of job experience less per IT employee in comparison to the nationwide results. This is a disturbing signal. HR departments are constantly looking for ways to prevent the increase in fluctuations – one of them is to deepen the ties between the employee and the workplace. Holidays can be a good time to achieve this goal.

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