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Who are we?

We believe that in order to change the world, we ourselves must constitute a change. Bearing in mind that bold decisions and innovative strategies push the world forward, we focus on continuous improvement. We are aware that any progress would not be possible without independent, thinking out-of-the-box people, which is reflected in the policy of our company, starting with the logotype: Weegree - We agree. We combine innovation with the experience we have gained so far, which we consider to be the basis for achieving higher levels of development…

At Weegree, we focus on innovation - we work on artificial intelligence and the development of professional chat bots that have the best linguistic skills comparable to those of the best specialists. We are passionate about machine learning and robotics.

What do we do?

We run many projects not only in Poland but also abroad.

Within the offered positions, we focus on exceptionally attractive employment conditions including any benefits. We are looking for developers specializing in such languages ​​as: .net, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, NoSQL, iOS, Android, Xamarin, Python, and Ruby. Many years of practice in cooperation with Polish and foreign clients gave us the confidence and allowed us to be positive that we are able to tailor the work environment perfectly to your needs. We help companies to raise recruitment process to a higher level. Join the best who have trusted us and program your career.

Why you should get to know
our offers:

What makes us diffrent:


Our dedicated team for IT recruitment is constantly developing its competences to find ?


We do not operate exclusively in Europe, but we are able to provide our services all over the world.


The customer is the most important for us, therefore, he can tailor the offer fully to the needs of his company

Work in
IT sectors

We run projects that require the qualified IT staff, which is why we know how to operate in this industry

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Ewa Szenk-Pomierna

Recruitment Officer

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  • "A trustworthy company. Very good contact and individual approach to the candidate. I fully recommend it."
    ~ Mariusz, Software Tester
  • "Thanks to the help of this company, I was able to find really quickly a job in which I constantly develop my skills and passions!""
    ~ Sylwia, Java Developer
  • "Extremely good contact, no problems, everything always on time and most importantly - a professional approach. I recommend this company! :)"
    ~ Łukasz, Full Stack Developer
  • "Hello, I would like to recommend Weegree IT, thanks to our cooperation I quickly found a job that fully suits me."
    ~ Łukasz, Front-end Developer