Tips for recruiting IT professionals by means of social media

The use of social media in the recruitment of IT specialists is more and more common – however, it has its own rules. We would like to instruct you how to find an employee for information technology industry by means of social media.

Head-hunters are more and more willing to use social media – not only to verify the information provided by the candidate, but also to search for potential employees. In the case of the IT industry, a considerable difficulty during recruitment is that qualified specialists are usually passive candidates, which means that they are not looking for a job and attracting them by the means of a posted job offer can be problematic. In this case, social media can be helpful.

Where to find and whom to look for?

According to the IRCenter 2016 research, Facebook is currently used by almost 90% of Polish Internet users. Next to the LinkedIn and GoldenLine portals, Facebook will be the most appropriate tool to acquire a new employee, although the other two sites, thanks to their business nature, allow head-hunters to get acquainted with the candidate’s qualifications and previous experience.

After determining with what skills and qualities we would like to enrich the team, we can proceed to search. As we have already mentioned, a large part of IT employees are passive candidates, hence convincing them to change their job requires a proper, personal approach. You can also look around for graduates and university students – not only technical universities. In their case, establishing cooperation will be easier. It is worth remembering that today it is relatively easy to enter into the industry as the higher education is not a requirement. Moreover, these are primarily the candidates’ skills, documented projects and fluent knowledge of English (preferably proven by certificates) that speak in his or her favour.

Concise at the beginning

Attracting a candidate with a job offer should start with the direct, clear and detailed wording of the offer. The laconic information about the job offer lacking specification of the scope of duties and the expected nature of cooperation can be perceived as a disrespect – just like sending non-personalized, template messages. Messages with incorrect pronouns – such as “Sir/Madame” or the failure to include personal data in the message header is particularly perceived negatively. As a result, the potential employee may get the impression that the same offer is sent to many recipients and may even be considered spam. The recruiter should take a time to get acquainted with the candidate’s experience, skills, qualities and achievements – especially if the candidate runs a blog, website or podcast on YouTube.

Therefore, the offer should include details of the work location, if it is of a stationary nature, scope of duties, technology stack, project implementation method (either in team or individually?), the names of the positions (they are not standardized and each enterprise determines the nomenclature itself), as well as proposed remuneration. Presenting the full offer will save time for both the candidate and the recruiter, and will also make the potential employee feel honoured. Communication via social media has a unique character – it runs in a natural, direct and non-formal way, thanks to which both parties can quickly and directly present their expectations and reservations. However, it is worth to restrain from too friendly relations with the candidate – pasting memes or informal language are seen as lack of professionalism.

It is worth remembering that the information included in the offer should be the most reliable and truthful the possible. Recruitment by the means of social media facilitates the process, nonetheless it also enables the candidates to quickly verify the data themselves, like e.g. the salaries paid in a given company.

Social media recruitment accelerates the acquisition of specialists from many industries, especially in the field of information technology. Although it requires a lot of commitment and careful verification of the information posted by the candidate, it is highly efficient. In the future, it may also prove to be the most effective tool in this matter.

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