What do you have to have in mind when looking for an employee to the IT department on LinkedIn in 2018?

The new year will bring further changes in the information technology industry. They can be noticed during the recruitment process, which is increasingly taking place via social media.

For IT specialists, recruitment by the means of social media is a particularly convenient and natural form. In the light of statistics prepared by the Pracuj.pl website, 70% of recruiters check the profiles of candidates on the Internet before the recruitment interview takes place, in order to verify the information they provided. This is not the only advantage of social media recruitment – it is also becoming increasingly popular to get employees through social networking sites, especially those with a business profile.

Not only a passive candidate

The unquestionable advantages of recruitment by the means of social media include the possibility of finding a potential employee who is not currently looking for a new job, but perfectly meets the expectations set by the employer and the recruitment department. In the IT industry, acquiring a passive candidate is common, especially in the case of highly qualified specialists with unique skills – usually they are already employed permanently in a given workplace and attracting them with a new job offer can be difficult.

Searching for them through standard websites with job offers may not be effective way. Therefore, social networking sites are popular – mainly LinkedIn, very popular among employees from the IT department. The very form of LinkedIn makes communication more direct and less formal, so that attracting a passive candidate can be simpler. However, the recruiter writing to the candidate should verify his profile as thoroughly as possible, so that the information about the work would be as individual as possible.When searching for IT specialists it is absolutely necessary to avoid sending the same message to every candidate.

In addition to that, LinkedIn will facilitate the acquisition of students and new graduates of universities, as well as all those who just started building their professional experience. Although they are not always sufficiently qualified to deal with a full range of responsibilities, inviting them to take part in apprenticeships or internships can be extremely helpful in creating future staff.

Mistakes you must avoid

Informal and simplified communication may imply that some recruiters do not use the full potential of the site, but perform wide-ranging search for employees. There are several commonly encountered mistakes.

1. Sending non-personalized messages

Using templates speeds up the recruitment process, however does not replace a real, even short conversation with a potential candidate. Copying messages may result in pasting incorrect personal data or omitting it, as well as leaving formulas such as “Dear Sir / Madam.” A careless approach to the candidate will probably discourage him from further contact.

2. Lack of sufficient technical knowledge

A recruiter does not have to be fully familiar with the terminology and technical environment of the company for which he acquires employees. Nevertheless, confusing technology, tools and skills, characteristic features necessary for specific positions, a recruiter significantly hinders communication and causes misunderstandings. It also makes the candidate see the recruiter as incompetent.

3. Presenting details by phone

The search for a specialist in the IT industry, especially if it is a passive candidate, requires immediate presentation of the particular details concerning the offer – regarding the position (it must be remembered that the names of the positions are different!), a scope of duties, required skills, work methods and workplace, and often also the salary. Presentation of the rest of the information over the phone or lack of at least outline of a job offer can be received negatively.

The list of trends in the IT industry, which will soon have a chance to influence the market, is never-ending. However, it is enough to look at the offers which are more and more often addressed to specialists in cybersecurity, blockchain technology, big data or machine learning, to predict which employees in 2018 will be the most wanted, also by the means of LinkedIn.

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